You are allowed to be a high maintenance millennial

You desire adventure, creativity, and freedom FOR A REASON.

You have full permission to carve your own path, design a life you love, and support yourself with your passions.

Stop looking for the perfect job title, it's time to create your own!


Dreamcatcher Immersion

a lifestyle design process for professional dreamers


Private 1:1 Coaching

for dreamers ready to take their business to the next level


youR life from "good"

I want to help you EXPERIENCE your life, your community, and yourself in ways that you never knew were possible.

I help women to create amazing businesses/passion projects/and side hustles as an integral part of their higher purpose, but it’s equally important to me to facilitate a true inner joy and confidence that comes from truly LOVING yourself. From truly LIVING and experiencing all the bliss, passion, and FREEDOM that life has to offer.

I went through Taylor’s Dreamcatcher course during the summer. Before the course began, we had a short Zoom call and I could tell within minutes that she and her course were going to change my life.
Taylor has such a gift and is absolutely an asset to any woman seeking a change in the direction of their life, tools to take control of and realize their dreams, or accountability and coaching to become their best self. Taylor is a go-getter and 100% dedicated to her clients and students of her course.
- Jacqui