What Does Expansion Really Look Like?

What does E X P A N S I O N really look like?

Sometimes it feels like being so in flow that you are literally dancing through life, equal parts adrenaline and total freaking harmony with life. NOTHING can get in your way and everything is so bright and shiny and possible.

Other times, expansion feels like your skeleton is rapidly growing and all of your skin and muscles are being painfully stretched to fit over your new frame. Lovely imagery, I know.

Over the past couple months, I have experienced both manifestations of expansion.

The kind that feels like I’m floating on Cloud 9, and the kind that’s had me questioning if I took on more than I can handle.

🌻Trying new things in my business and prepping for the next class of Dreamcatcher Immersion
🌻Mentally and physically preparing to move out of my comfort zone in Atlanta and onto a new adventure in Austin, TX
🌻Reaching new levels of commitment and intimacy in my romantic relationship
🌻Planning and dreaming about some big Bucketlist items happening this year (trip to Bali, yoga teacher training in Ecuador, NLP training, etc. More on this later!) 
🌻Maintaining the life balance that is so important to me
🌻Continuing to connect deeper with self and spirituality
🌻Learning, and growing, and experiencing new things ALL THE TIME

This week I feel especially S T R E T C H E D as I get into the home stretch of a new Dreamcatcher class starting and hitting the road for the 14 hour drive to Austin this weekend, cat and dog in tow.

But at the end of the day, it still feels so good to be growing. To prove to myself time and time again that I am capable of SO much. And so are you! Slowwww downnnn. Enjoy this journey.

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