How To Feel Inspired In Your Business

I played hooky from work yesterday and it felt SO GOOD!

As always, my to-do list was a mile long, but I took the day off to simply PLAY.

I played and snuggled with my animals.

I played at the succulent shop with my love, and we had a blast gardening in our new home.

I played by decorating our back patio and my new office.

I played at yoga and then listening to a new fantasy novel on Audible.

And today I felt refreshed and ready to hit the ground running!

I am so thankful to be working hard to design a life that allows me the freedom to take time off when I need to.

To PLAY and savor all the simple pleasures life has available to us.

This means sometimes I am working on random Holidays and late into the night, but when I need a day off, I just do it.

🌻Complete and utter freedom over my time, income, and creativity.🌻

People ask me all the time if the stress and uncertainty of entrepreneurship is worth it and it’s days like yesterday that always make me say HELL YES.

Do the things that make you thankful to be alive.

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