The Proven Power of Vulnerability

I met a girl online (internet friends are awesome!!)
a few months ago and we really hit it off.

We are both young, ambitious, actively building
the life of our dreams.

We got a chance to meet up in person recently and right off the bat we had so much to talk about.

But it wasn’t until the next night that we really solidified our friendship.
And that happened because of VULNERABILITY.

We discovered that we both share a limiting belief.
A story that seems to come up a lot for us in our lives and never fails to shake us to our core.

The story that people don’t show up for us.
We put our all into relationships and people
never seem to show up just as powerfully for us.

Despite the many times this has been proven wrong, 
this is still something seem to attract into my life sometimes.

This felt really tough for me to share.
It still feels a little tough for me to share here in this group.

I’ve always been someone who is great at
making new friends and acquaintances, 
but not so great at making those relationships work long-term.

It’s an insecurity I don't share with most people, even my closest friends.
But for whatever reason, that night over dinner, I decided to open up to someone I really didn’t know all that well.

And because of that, I truly feel like I’ve made a lifelong friendship.
A friendship based on authenticity and realness.
Mutual support and understanding. 

How are you showing up in your own relationships?
Are you hiding behind a wall or are you ready to try let people in?

Are you letting people see the REAL you? Or just the part of you that you are willing to share?

I would love to hear any stories you have to share personally about the power of vulnerability!

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Taylor Dixon