You Have FULL Permission to BE

We live in a society that operates in binaries, classes, divisions, and labels.

It’s no wonder that we feel like we have to fit ourselves into boxes to be “normal” or “understood”.

We spend so much time trying to categorize ourselves that we could be exploring the beautiful complexity of our individual gifts and personalities. 

This is me giving myself and you permission to be a walking contradiction.

Permission to be:

  • A palo santo burning hippie AND level-headed and logical.
  • Multi-passionate AND laser-focused and clear on what you want.
  • Rocking your elephant pants one day AND red lipstick the next.
  • Carving your own path AND responsible.
  • Vulnerably sharing your truth AND strong, stable, and happy. 
  • Financially abundant AND a genuinely good human. 
  • Spiritually curious AND grounded in reality. 
  • Obsessed with yoga, journaling, meditation AND unforgettable nights out with friends.
  • A badass business woman AND a loving nurturer.
  • Chasing your goals AND enjoying your life.
  • A world traveler AND a snuggly home-body.

Permission to be YOU.

Permission to explore all of the dualities, contradictions, and complexities of your soul.
It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.

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Taylor Dixon