Think Massive Change

Not too long ago, I was in a space where I knew I needed a c=massive change in my life. Wanna know the one thing that massively changed the way I approach life, branding and business?

Super thinking.

I originally heard this concept from one of my coaching idols, Brooke Castillo. In one of her podcast episode's, Brooke talks about how she sets aside regular time to take notes on HER OWN THOUGHTS.

Not a course, webinar, freebie, or training, but HER OWN THOUGHTS.

Now guys, I loveeee to consume content from people I respect, but once I started regularly sitting down with my own thoughts, it was a total game changer.

I came up with my most original, proprietary content for my group programs. I banged out social content effortlessly and felt more confident than ever in my own processing power.

I challenge you to create the space to write down the major questions you're pondering right now and TAKE NOTES ON YOUR THOUGHTS.

I promise you, doing this will open your eyes in ways you could never imagine. Do this as regularly as you are consuming content from others, if not more.


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Taylor Dixon