5 Lessons I've Learned From Studying Successful People

I realized recently that I've been studying successful people for a very a long time, through interviews, podcasts, books, etc.

One might even say I'm a little obsessed...

You start to recognize similar patterns and trends in people who consistently reach their goals in whatever particular vision of success they set for themselves.

Here are some that have really impacted me!

1. They are voraciously curious. Successful people are more than just casually curious. They turn curiosity into a discipline and a habit.

2. Someone told them their dreams were possible. They had at least one person in their life who told them that everything they wanted was possible. So important to surround ourselves with people who believe in us!!

3. They don't care about being liked. Successful people don't give two shits about who likes them. They are so focused on what makes them happy that everything else fades away.

4. They are resilient as hell. These people have all gone through countless examples of failure, mistakes, and disappointment. BUT THEY CHOSE TO KEEP GOING.

5. Resourcefulness is their middle name. They are not afraid to get a little scrappy with it. Always doing what they CAN, with what they HAVE, right NOW.

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