We hear people talking about needing to grow their numbers, their business, their income, their everything. But how? How do we begin to go down this growth path if we are not looking inward first?


I show a lot of highlight reels online but, I try to show the shadowy times too.

Truth is, I’ve done an EPIC amount of personal growth. 90% of my days are absolutely incredible, because I am fiercely committed to growth 100% of the time, not just during the 10% that are not so great.

I am constantly questioning my reality.

  • How can I make this lighter?

  • How can I bring more joy to the people around me?

  • How can I be a better human/ friend/coach/leader?

  • What shadows are holding me back from becoming my best self?

  • What is the brutal truth I’m unwilling to admit?

  • What else is there for me to discover?

I see so many people are afraid to ask these questions, choosing fear and stagnancy and disguising it as security.

They ignore the subtle signs and nudges from the Universe to go deeper, take a risk, BE MORE.

They use time or money as an excuse, but it’s rarely that.

It’s fear. Plain and simple.

And fear is the enemy of growth.

They’re not choosing the growth lifestyle.

They’re not choosing THEMSELVES.

Please, my friend, choose GROWTH.


And watch what happens when you choose yourself, when you choose to question your reality, when you choose to GROW. You’ll find your fears disappear, your growth become more natural and you’ll see how important this growth lifestyle is for yourself.

Just watch what happens.

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Taylor Dixon