Your Feminine + Masculine Flow

Shifts are so necessary to catapult yourself and your business to new heights.

After wrapping up a $45k launch (sales booked) at the end of March, I let myself exhale masculine and inhale feminine creation mode. I began inhaling this feminine energy by nurturing 2 new groups going through my signature Dreamcatcher Immersion process, showing up big for my private clients, and creating new goodies for the future of my business.

I largely dropped my normal schedule, stayed off social media more than usual, and gave myself permission to just F L O W for a couple weeks.

While this was perfect for awhile (a week would have been plenty 🧘‍♀️), I realized today that it's not really where I thrive. When I lean too far over into my feminine, I lose a lot of the intentionality of my days that make me feel so good and happy with my life.

Without the structures that ground me, I am left feeling a bit spacey with low-level anxiety. Even though I do flow EVERY day (create/play/connect), my masculine side is what really makes me feel balanced, productive, and intentional!

Here's what I did to bring more masculine back into my life:

🌻 Cleaned my office/started spring cleaning the entire house.

🌻 Re-structured my online content strategy.

🌻 Wrote out my top priorities for the rest of the month and action steps to success.

🌻 Re-structured "My Best Week" template (one of my fave tools to give to clients).

If you had to choose, do you need more FEMININE or MASCULINE in your life?

If you're new to the terms feminine and masculine energy, feminine is your BEING energy (play, receiving, connecting, creativity, nurturing) and masculine is the DOING energy (action, structure, planning, systems). Think of this like YIN and YANG. And no, it has nothing to do with gender!


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Taylor Dixon