Did you know you can find your dream clients OFFLINE too??


Sooo many people in the online business space forget that you can meet people IRL who are a perfect fit for your offer. Or they try going to networking events, conferences, etc., but it never really seems to lead anywhere… If that resonates, most likely it's because you're missing ONE MAJOR PIECE TO THE PUZZLE.

You haven't learned the art of EMBODYING YOUR BRAND.

I've gotten clients from random encounters at coffee shops, standing in line, parties, yoga classes, networking events, and in-person communities, as well as online. I've even had close friends sign up for my programs.


Because I. AM. MY. BRAND.

At all times. I built my brand around my core values, my beliefs, my personality, and my personal mission. That doesn't change whether I'm doing an Instagram Live or if I'm chillin by the pool with my friends. As I evolve, my brand evolves with me. And vice versa.

It's a living, breathing representation of my BEST SELF. And I am committed to showing up as my Best Self just as much in-person as I am on the internet.

Here's how to start EMBODYING your brand:

🌻Do not try to create a perfect brand! That would be totally exhausting to try to embody because no one is perfect!

🌻 Get really clear on what your Best Self looks/feels/and acts like. This will serve as your North Star for the way you want to show up IRL AND online.

🌻Talk about things that you FULLY believe in + care about. The things that you would naturally talk about anyways.

🌻Focus on EMBODIMENT over vanity metrics. The RIGHT community + dream clients will be more drawn to you than ever before!

🌻Don't be afraid to pivot, shift, and re-design your brand if it no longer feels authentic or you feel like you've outgrown it!

What are the core values of your brand? ✨


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Taylor Dixon