Over the past year, I've gotten reallyy realllyyy good at sales. I've been converting at around 80% for awhile now and it isn't because I started following a script, learned new "sales hacks", or got more aggressive in my sales calls.

No, no, no, none of that.

In fact, I probably do the opposite of what a lot of sales gurus will probably tell you to do. I break a lot of rules, and I've found what works for me and my flow.

I feel inspired to share with you guys a few simple things that I believe are the MOST important factors in helping you close more consistent sales:

🌻 DO NOT CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. If you are excited about what your selling, I promise other people will be too!

🌻KNOW YOUR OFFER  backwards and forwards. Practice talking about it in the mirror, to your friends, to your partner, in the shower- this will make you feel more confident when the pressure is on!

🌻KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT. The only way to really know/refine your understanding of your potential client and their needs is to talk to them! Do market research, virtual coffee dates, free sessions, whatever you need to do to get your ideal client on the phone (preferably video) and pay attention to the exact words and phrases they use, their major pain points, and what their energy is like. Pro tip: you should be able to talk about your ideal client in-depth (like an old friend or a character in a novel) for at least 10-15 mins.

🌻SLOW DOWN AND LISTEN  to what your potential client has to say. A sales call is THEIR time to shine. The more they feel understood and listened to, the more likely they will trust you with their investment.

🌻NEUTRALIZE THE EMOTION  behind price. When you get to the part of the call where you talk about price, present it as matter-of-factly as the rest of the information. Resist the urge to make this part of the call into a big deal. Pro tip: ask your potential client "How does that feel?" after sharing the investment.

There isn’t one of these factors that I don’t use when I am closing sales and there also isn’t one of these factors that don’t come easily for me while speaking about my offer, it really just comes down to knowing your product, knowing your potential client and being excited about your product. It will make all the difference in your business.


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Taylor Dixon