Your Life is Worth Savoring

I think a lot of you will have a common story of perfectionism and I lived a lot of my life feeling like I had to be perfect at everything. I was very much an overachiever, I was very much a people pleaser and I would wear myself out, exhaust myself, run myself into the ground in order to “achieve”, and this started at a very young age.

This trait has shown up a lot over my life. This showed up especially in the moments where I had something specific planned or very specific expectations. And when something went wrong in those expectations, where I wasn’t able to perform in the way that I wanted, I would freak out and have a melt down, especially if it was out of my control.

In my personal development journey, that had been something really big for me. To ask myself, “How do I detach my self worth from my external results?” That was something that was huge and that I put a lot of energy into.

So, here I was about  to formally launch ‘Dreamcatcher in a Day.’ I was already late on launching this and I had the whole thing planned out. I was going to have the email that I was going to send, the instagram stories, the personal post, all the things. But then I woke up and was excited to start promoting and get all my sign ups in a day.

And then… of all days, social media broke.

I just sat there and realized that I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and gratitude and I realized that I was totally, 100% okay. My self worth was not tied to whether or not I was posting all over social media about the workshop.

My day was not ruined & it was a beautiful day.

I just thought about how grateful I was for all of the work I had done in the past to feel okay in that moment. This is where you start to see those dividends pay off, it is the coolest thing seeing it.

I felt myself so able and confident to be creative and make something work even if it wasn’t according to plan and just feel at peace even if I’m not perfect.

I realized that most people don’t see their lives in that way. Most people don’t see all the opportunity in their lives to learn, to grow, to experience, to savor their life, the good stuff and bad stuff.

Looking back, old Taylor would have been like, “You’re not working hard enough.”, “You’re not doing enough,” But the new Taylor is like, “I’m just savoring life. I just wanna make an impact, I want people to be  massively affected by my energy, the positive energy I’m putting out into the world, I wanna be a light, and I want to savor every little bit of my life.

It was like a big light bulb moment for me where I realized most people don’t do this! Most people are hustling to get to the next thing and then they come home to buffer to fill their space.

But, most of my life I am seeking out those moments where I can be filled with that light so that I can spread to other people and my life is soo fun!

The reason my life is so fun is because I decided that it’s going to be.

✨I decided that my life is worth savoring.

✨I decided that even in those small moments, I am being so intentional.

✨I decided that my WHY is to be bright and shiny and make a huge impact at the end of the day.

✨I decided to see the things I couldn’t control as no big deal!

✨I decided to be a light.

✨I decided to feel good.

So, let’s think about how we can serve our light to others and all be a bright and shiny light so that everyone we come in contact with feels so good about themselves and what’s possible.

Key Takeaways:

(5:50) I don’t need to have the perfect plan according to me go off without a hitch in order to feel good about myself…. a huge quality of entrepreneurship in general is being flexible.

(7:04) “I am equal parts flawed and magical. I can be behind… and also be incredible magical.”

(8:16) “I just wanna be such bright light that can’t help but ignite and inspire the light in others.”

(11:16) “The new Taylor is like, I’m just savoring life. I just wanna make an impact, I want people to be  massively affected by my energy, the positive energy I’m putting out into the world, I wanna be a light, and I want to savor every little bit of my life.”

(14:00) “Let’s all be the light, lets just all be a bright and shiny light so that every single person that comes into contact with us walks away feeling so good about themselves, feeling so good about what’s possible for their life. That’s a way that you can truly serve.”


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Taylor Dixon