Dreamcatcher Immersion

Group Coaching Experience


My signature group coaching experience runs once a year with VERY limited spots.

This 6-month experiential program is designed to take you from start to finish to sustainably launch your personal brand and creative project.

THe dreamcatcher immersion process

Phase 1: Dream Me


In this phase, you will learn more about yourself than you ever have in your whole life. What you discover will give you the power to actively and intentionally create the highest and most fulfilling version of the life you were meant to lead. For two months we will do a deep-dive into self-discovery systems (Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology, Facial Recognition, etc.), personal responsibility, best self work, aligned success principles, uncovering and transmuting limiting patterns and beliefs, healing your relationship with money, and more. This type of work is not for the faint of heart, but it is guaranteed to change your life.

Phase 2: Dream Life


This phase of the program is all about intentionally designing your daily life to support the big dreams we will be tackling in phases 3 and 4. So much of your success as a business owner is going to depend on your ability to manage your time, energy, and creativity in an effective and nourishing way. We’ll cover goal-setting, masculine and feminine success habits, lifestyle hacks, and setting up your physical space for success.

Phase 3: Dream Brand


Using all of the clarity, focus, and direction uncovered in Phase 1 and 2, we will move into creating your very own personal brand! You will create a comprehensive Brand Guidelines document, identify your ideal audience member, work with a brand designer to create your Brand Identity Kit, optimize your social profiles, and learn to create on-brand content using my Sustainable Content Creation Method.

Phase 4: Dream Biz


In Phase 4 of the Dreamcatcher Immersion process, it is time to finalize your creative project, create the foundations for your business, launch your business to the public, and start bringing on your first clients! You will have support every step of the way while you take massive action towards finally making your dreams a reality!

Are you ready to play in possibility?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application process look like for Dreamcatcher Immersion?

Once you submit your online application, I will be in touch with you to set up an application call to see if we would be a good fit to work together. These calls typically last from 30-60 mins. I will ask you questions to learn more about you and give you more insight into the program. These calls are completely complimentary with no pressure to buy anything if it’s not a good fit. You can submit your application on this page.

How does an online group program work?

You will have access to an online library of self-study content with clear assignments each week.  We will meet as a group online via Zoom Video Call for 90 mins almost every week to go deeper into the assigned content, connect as a group, and do “hot seat” coaching. You will also have multiple 60 min private coaching sessions with me personally. The entire experience is online, from the comfort of your home, until we meet IN PERSON for the finale retreat in Austin, TX. 

What if I don’t know exactly what business I want to start? 

That is just perfect! This program is designed specifically to create the clarity you need to know exactly what you want to do. Most people who go into the program with a very specific idea in mind end up changing it anyway because of the intensive work we do during the Dream Me part of this process.

What if I have already started my business?

If you have started your business in the last six months, you would still be a great fit for this program. The program covers a lot of things that you probably skipped when you started your business and will help you slow down the process to create your business the RIGHT WAY.

What is the time commitment for the program?

The program is specifically built for those with a busy schedule in mind. Each week you will have about 3-5 hours of self-study content assigned, including a recorded video training, a module playbook, action-based assignments, and supplemental resources. Each month you will receive three weeks of course content with one week to integrate and complete any assignments you didn’t finish in the first three weeks. Outside of the self-study content, the only other time commitment is the group and private calls. 

What are the groups typically like?

I usually take  6-8 women through this program at a time. It is very important to me that the group meshes well together so I am very picky about who I accept. Lasting friendships and support system are creating in this program because of that intention. You will truly find a sisterhood that you can count on no matter what through this process. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! We will cover pricing and payment plans on our application call. 

Does the retreat cost extra?

The retreat is completely covered by your upfront tuition (including the brand photoshoot!) except for your plane ticket and Friday night’s dinner. 

How do I know if this is the right program for what I want to achieve?

We will cover this in our application call! I have run this program many times, and I know exactly who this program will benefit the most. Let’s chat about it!