My Beliefs

  • Taking control of your life can only happen when you actively seek out people and experiences that accelerate your growth.
  • True, inner joy comes from your personal formula of fire, flow, and alignment.
  • Most people are carrying around fabricated narratives that are hindering their success and happiness.
  • When you find yourself uncomfortable in your comfort zone, you’ve outgrown it.
  • Action before alignment leads to burnout, frustration, and stagnation.
  • The real key to self-discovery is constantly questioning your beliefs.
  • When you put money on a pedestal, you’re actually repelling it.
  • Money is an equal, not greater, contribution to your happiness as all the other aspects of your life.
  • Abundance, joy, and inner peace doesn’t have to come from struggle.
  • The bad things that happen to you are not a choice, but suffering is.