There is no force
more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

I was told at a young age there was something different about me. I loved standing out from the crowd both literally (with bright red hair!) and figuratively. I only saw a world of possibility before me, one where I would naturally use my gifts of leadership and performance.

I yearned to make an impact, dream big, be wildly successful, and CHANGE THE WORLD.

Fast forward 10 years, and I was graduating from college with a degree in English and Communications. The world of possibility from my youth seemed infinitely more narrow. I was pretty much living exactly like every other college girl in their early twenties- ego-driven and lost.

I filled my cup with partying, an endless stream of acquaintances, an unhealthy relationship, self-obsession, and shallow conversations. There was nothing “special” or exciting about doing exactly what everyone else was doing. That precocious dreamer of my youth had gotten swept up in the crowd. 

What if people didn’t like the real me? Did I even know who the real me was?

The practical thing to do after graduation would be to start applying to jobs, take an entry level position at some marketing company, and work my way up the ladder while having to log my time to people slightly up the ladder, ration out my travel days, and follow someone else’s rules and expectations.

I quickly realized that there wasn't a single position that appealed to me in the least. Call it high-maintenance millennial syndrome, but I KNEW my particular skillset wasn't going to thrive working for someone else with limits on my time, creativity, and income. 


My peers and most of my family were confused by my decision.

“Taylor, when are you going to get a ‘real’ job?”

I was told to continue my formal education, that an entry level job was a “rite of passage,” to wait until I had more money and experience start my own business.

But I wasn’t interested in a normal life. I wanted to create my own position in this world. 

I started my entrepreneurial journey 3 months out of college. I created my own social media agency using the knowledge and training I had accrued from many internships in college.

I threw myself into e-courses, free content, conferences, and networking, but that first year was HARD. I had grossly underestimated the emotional stamina and discipline it took to create a successful business.

None of the high-priced e-courses and business articles said ANYTHING about dealing with the constant fear of failure, limiting beliefs, struggling to stay motivated, work-life balance, confidence, or protecting yourself from burnout, all of the things that I now LOVE to teach my clients.

Three years later, I had managed to create a profitable and growing social media agency. We were working with clients like Chick-fil-A and other big-name restaurant chains, and from the outside, things were going pretty well.

But I had fallen deep into a deep pit of complacency. In my day-to-day life, I was completely operating on auto-pilot. Life was “pretty good.”

But good just wasn’t good enough.

I CRAVED something more, something more impactful, something more purpose driven.

That's when I decided to help other women deciding to take those first steps towards creating their own position in this life. All of the sudden everything made sense. Every inner desire, every experience, every success, failure, and everything in between. It was all leading to THIS.


Like, really freaking amazing.

I was finally living my purpose, my passion, creating a heart-centered business, and experiencing myself and my surroundings in a way that transcended any preconceived notions of what a “good life” looked like.

AND feeling more prosperous and abundant in my business than ever before. 

For the first time, I was truly LIVING, rather than EXISTING.

And it just keeps getting better.

These are the things that I feel made the biggest IMPACT towards the quantum leaps in my life:

  • Shedding old relationships and community that no longer served me and and surrounding myself with high-vibe humans both online and offline. I invested deeper in relationships than ever before and committed to building conscious community in my life

  • Committing to a new level of awareness and growth through self-reflection, challenging EVERY SINGLE belief I possessed, and opening myself up to new experiences and ideologies. I became OBSESSED with cultivating a deeper relationship with myself.

  • Investing in high-level coaching and masterminds that ACCELERATED my growth (both personal and professional) in ways I never knew were possible.

  • Learning how to protect my energy from self-doubt, fear, and external expectations. I learned what it means to really LIVE for yourself.

  • Slowing down to smell the roses and ENJOY life as a place of beauty, inspiration, and possibility. Everything transformed from good to FREAKING AMAZING!!

  • Understanding the exact strategies and tools (my morning routine, meditation, journaling, essential oils, singing, nature, podcasts, personal development books to name a few!) to get me into alignment and flow and what pulls me out of it (comparison, fear, being a people-pleaser, negative people, focusing too much on myself).

This journey looks different for everyone, but it’s POSSIBLE for everyone.

  • Everything boils down to a series of choices.
  • How do you want to FEEL on a daily basis?
  • What are you left with when all the external is stripped away?
  • WHO is left?

Yes, I help women to create amazing businesses/passion projects/and side hustles as an integral part of their higher purpose, but it’s equally important to me to facilitate a true inner joy and confidence that comes from truly LOVING yourself. From truly LIVING and experiencing all the bliss, passion, and FREEDOM that life has to offer.

Because good is not good enough.