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"I went through Taylor’s Dreamcatcher course during the summer. Before the course began, we had a short Zoom call and I could tell within minutes that she and her course were going to change my life. Taylor has such a gift and is absolutely an asset to any woman seeking a change in the direction of their life, tools to take control of and realize their dreams, or accountability and coaching to become their best self. Taylor is a go-getter and 100% dedicated to her clients and students of her course.”


“I was working a job that pretty much stressed me out every day. Not because the job sucked but because I wasn’t in alignment. I was feeling unfulfilled and started seeking some other paths of employment. When Taylor reached out about her Dreamcatcher Immersion program I was PUMPED. Taylor and I went to college together and she was pretty much my only friend who was as ambitious and driven as I was. I always admired her tenacity and “girl boss” vibes. In this 6 week program I learned more about myself, my ideas, and my passion than I could have possibly hoped for. That coupled with the amazing community of women I am so thankful to call some of my best friends gave me the experience of a lifetime. I quit my job and pursued Intuitive Brand Coaching full time and feel stronger, happier, and more FIRED UP about life than I ever have. I am forever grateful for this investment and highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking some direction and support in starting a new business. Love this girl and everything she does!”


“Taylor helped me get my coaching biz off the ground! My mindset going into her first round of Dreamcatcher was “Yes I’m going to pursue coaching at some point, but I’m going to allow it to be a slow burn and just see where life takes me.” Well, Taylor lit a FIRE under me that spread to fully launching it just a month after Dreamcatcher ended. It was TOTALLY the right move but fear was holding me back. Taylor also specifically gave me some solid help with working on my money mindset. I can’t say enough about Taylor’s powerful coaching as well as the high vibration community she attracts. Just say yes. You won’t regret it.”


“One if the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken. I grew so much during this course. Not only did I grow significantly personally, but my business grew as well. I’m beyond words for Taylor and her teaching. She’s a great teacher, also the most caring teacher I’ve gotten the pleasure to experience. She takes her job seriously and her students more seriously. The class I’ve taken and the girls taking it with me made a huge impact. Forever friends, can’t wait to see not only my business, but theirs soar too! ”


“Definitely take the time to have a call with Taylor! She will be able to help you with both the mindset and strategy around launching your online entrepreneurial journey! She is fun, engaging and professional!”